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Here at Ari's Bass Blog, we take your progress very seriously.
And to help you most effectively, it's important to sus out where you stand!

So, what's your level? Let's find out so we can place you best!

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Why not just ask you
where you think you stand?

Because it's generally difficult to rate yourself, even more so when you are a learner! 

Having worked with players from various countries, cultures, ages, backgrounds, and walks of life - from hobbyists to University students, from novices to players of many decades - I can tell you:

Selfassessment does not work well

What one would call advanced may be foundational for another. It also depends on the style and what the expectations and setting are exactly. 

Consider some typical examples:

  • An incredible thumb player cannot walk a bass line of a standard. 
  • A theory wiz has bad technique habits (and hence bad tone), which makes it hard to bring their musical ideas to life. 
  • A player has the most beautiful musical ideas, but because it's not grooving, everyone tells them to "play less."
  • A classically trained player can read for breakfast but struggles to improvise even a short fill.  

These things are hard to self-diagnose and fix.

Systematic Teaching

I like being very strategic about my teaching: first, let's get a strong foundation to ensure all the major bits and pieces are in place - technique, timing, and understanding of how music and the fretboard work. As we do that, we use creative devices from day one to shed them, so it's applicable, practical and fun. 

By following along with our level rating, you help us recommend starting points, and you can be confident that you are well-placed in our various courses and classes.  

What influences our basic rating:

  • Your ability to operate the bass 
    (technique, rhythm, groove, edge speed, milestone repertoire...)
  • Your familiarity with basic musical terms
    (theory and how to use it)
  • How familiar you are with Ari's methods 

If you have any questions about your rating or which classes to attend we are happy to advise! Hit Contact Me at the bottom of the page, and our team will advise!