Recorded Ten Week Intensives (Practice Groups)

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  • 🚀 Beginner Groups

  • 📙 Pattern System Series

  • 🎵 Ari's Rhythm Matrix

  • 🎷 Jazz Practice Intensives

  • 🎧 EarTraining and Transcribing

Ari's Live Practice Groups/Intensives

A Fast-Track for the Dedicated
Focused Practice • Step-by-step • Feel Yourself Improve

Live classes on various topics  taught by Ari on Zoom! 

Recorded with our awesome students - learn from and with them!

Take the guess work out of Practicing and spend a highly productive time on the bass each session!

Level-based Learning: Level Up!

Some groups were together for a long time as they progressed together. 
Topics such as The Pattern System and Rhythm Matrix are organized in various levels. 
Always start with Level 1- even if you are advanced - as it's Level 1 of the method

While there is some overlap between various groups (i.e., various Level 1s, for example), the classes are very unique each time. If you took Level 1 and simply want to practice this type of material more, it makes sense to choose another Level 1 to practice more (many students did that). 

No two groups are ever the same, even if they are both the same level! 

Practice along and do the assignments and you will spend a highly prouctive time on the bass indeed!

What are beginner-friendly, Easy Going Groups?

Recommended: #11, #12 and #18

These groups are great if you are just starting your bass journey! 

What to expect:

  • Easy-going groove practice in several styles  
  • Foundational theory and how to use it
  • Lots of technique drills, help staying ahead of pesky bad habits  
  • Note finding on the fretboard
  • Playing the blues and simple lines
  • Helping you find the beat!
  • A bit of basic ear training
  • The power and magic of improvisation

What is Ari's Rhythm Matrix?

Recommended: Start with #31 followed by #36.

Often simply assumed, rarely properly taught: how to naturally feel rhythm as you play!

What you'll learn: 

  • How to play to the beat and never drop or add one, even when improvising
  • Learn what makes it groove
  • The importance of the subdivision and how to feel it
  • How to get your body involved to naturally help you keep the beat
  • The difference between straight and shuffled subdivisions
  • How to keep the form
  • Frequently used rhythms in songs and certain styles
  • How reading rhythms helps you nail them and understand them
  • Go from counting to feeling the rhythm

Ari's Rhythm Matrix is a comprehensive shape-based system that addresses the number 1 issue players of a variety of levels have (and they often don't even realize they have it) - a lack of a rhythmic foundation in the body. 

And the great news is, this is fixable, trainable and learnable! It's one of Ari's most popular programs!

What are Pattern System Intensives?

These groups go through Ari's and Wolf's book, the Pattern System for the Bass Player, with lots of drills, applications and musicality practice. 

Recommended: Start with #39 followed by #40.

What to expect: 

  • Intensive fretboard training
  • Kicking your chops into high gear 
  • Musicality practice
  • Mental Practice
  • Training your musical mind
  • Playing in all keys, anywhere on the neck, with confidence!
  • Improv skills with Ari's guidance to increase your musicality
  • Putting theory under your fingers, reliably, everywhere on the fretboard
  • A variety of chop-busting Scalar Studies and how to use them in a musical context

Go to Level 6:

🤯 One group of students went 6 levels deep! You can follow their journey by following this Pattern Path:  

  • Level 1: #10 
  • Level 2: #15 
  • Level 3: #20 
  • Level 4: #27 
  • Level 5: #33
  • Level 6: #37

What about Jazz Intensives?

Learning Jazz is fantastic for various reasons: not only will it cement your theory knowledge and teach you Jazz improvisation, it will also enable you to jam with others using a real book! 

What you'll learn: 

  • How to read and walk changes
  • How to play a Jazz Bossa
  • How to make it swing hard (because it don't mean a thing...)
  • Effective ways of walking the changes
  • Cool ways to spice up a walking bass line
  • How to play effectively with a drummer
  • What to do when comping for various soloists
  • What to listen for
  • How to keep the form
  • A variety of cool standards
  • How to use Musescore to compose your own walking bass lines
  • How to analyze changes and how doing that makes you a better player

Explore our Jazz Log to find the specific tunes featured in the individual groups.

What About the EarTraining/Transcribing Groups?

  • Ditch the TAB and transcribe a bass line of a recording by yourself! Ari shows you how!
  • Transcribing rhythms and pitches
  • What to listen for
  • Using technology to hear the bass better
  • How to get ready for jam sessions so you can respond by ear