Ear Confidence Six Paths to Fearless Ears

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  • Is this you?

    Having trouble learning tunes without TAB or taking tunes off a recording? Want to be able to jump right in on a jam? Do you have all this music in your head and cannot get it out? Have you been doing some ear training exercises dutifully but don't seem to improve?

  • My thoughts

    I agree these are vital skills for a musician. And tried and true time tested ear training drills will help, yet there are a few things to consider to bridge the gap between drills and stage. In this course, I will introduce my six favorite drills to you (plus a bonus drill) and guide you to a more complete perception of sound.

  • How this course is different

    I use many tried and true methods of eatreaining in this course and make a strong case for them. In addition, I help you overcome a few of the most common reasons why theory sometimes does not translate into practice, such as: help what to listen for, how to deal with distraction, how context and rhythm can alter perception, how to make a sound your own, multisensoral awareness exercises, composing in your mind.

  • The Six Paths (plus one bonus one!)

    Amongst these favorites of my drills, you will find traditional as well as more modern approaches, including one that is as old as making music itself. You will find endless resources for further study and the reasons why to train, what and how. You will find unexpected awareness exercises as well as tech tips to the rescue.

  • What's Helpful to Have

    As with all of my courses I recommend to consider the DOC - triad: a bit of Discipline, an Open mind and a dose of Courage. Presented from quite basic to more advanced, this course is an amazing road map to better ears and more confidence on the bandstand.

  • Throw you a Lifeline

    It is my goal to make a persuasive case for the most effective ear training drills as well as help you understand how exactly to bridge the gap between theory and practice or drill and stage: sprinkled throughout the course are nuggets of information that will help you remember the awareness training we will be doing, that will enable you to detangle your confusion, to focus in on what matters and to throw you a lifeline.

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