6 Levels of Masterclasses

Study the game-changing system with Ari and a group of students

No more chasing notes, poking around, or moving fingers in patterns you know. Rather, imagine a complete understanding of every note you play, being able to name and hear it internally.

Learn the fretboard so well that you can forget about it. 

Imagine all the notes belonging to a chord or key just lighting up all over the neck. 

All this - and much more - is what we train in this system.   

➡️ This is a ten-week masterclass, recorded with a live audience on zoom. 

This is the fast track to fretboard freedom 

Single Payment ($175.00) Payment Plan (3 x 69.75)

What you'll learn

  • Learning in a Whole New Way

    Make diagrams, practice them through the cycle, and get used to knowing scales in all sorts of (musical) orders, not just root to root.

  • The Mighty Five Shapes

    Discover the immense shortcut the Five Shapes present for playing songs and chords. Get them under your fingers, including the "crabby" ones.

  • Scalar Studies & Technique

    The shapes themselves work your fingers just like scales practice does, but leave it to "scalar studies" to take that to an entirely new level!

  • Improvised Explorations

    Put these shapes to work in drills. Discover their power for expressing yourself freely and musically. Feel how theory can become intuition under your fingers!

  • Practicing Techniques

    Mental practice, visualization, saying note names, saying scale degrees... it's some heavy lifting on the practice end, but the results are real!

  • Areas 1, 2 & Open

    Get halfway up the neck in all keys, practice through the cycle, do improv and discover the many ways this system helps you express yourself musically over common (and uncommon!) chords.

Verified Graduates

What our students say...



Just a note to thank you for the great classes in your Pattern System book. This system really can open musical doors in the best way possible.

By structuring your playing around the 5 shapes our minds can grasp this information systematically, plus the way you drip feed the exercises I started to think more musically without feeling overwhelmed! Thank you and the team for all you do!



Pattern 1 is precisely what I needed at just the right time. This course is definitely challenging in the best sense.

Building a strong foundation and putting the bricks where they need to be, so to speak.

Setting this foundation to be able to grow as a musician and be an authentic skilled player.

I am thrilled to be in this course and will definitely enroll in Pattern 2. I am grateful to be learning from Ari - musician and bass player and human extraordinaire. It’s a holistic experience. I highly and hugely recommend this course and learning from Ari to any bass player world wide. For any player who is searching for a mentor and a method you have found it with Ari.

She challenges you and encourages you all at once. She creates a safe and very kind and friendly learning environment . Sometimes for me it is tricky to translate learning on zoom. The pace can be fast but I go back and watch the replays and the parts of the replays where I need more help and repetition. That’s the beauty of having the class recording.

Rick B

Bassist (lefthanded)

I’m amazed how fast I progressed in the Level I fretboard class. Ari is the real deal.

My mother was a musician and teacher and those finger exercises and scaler notes sound so familiar.

What really scared me was that I found those simple exercises weren’t as easy as I thought, because I never practiced like this before. The discipline and memorization knowledge is what I really needed, and I’m getting that from Ari’s Bass Lessons.


Bassist (as of 2 years)

I love the pattern system. I am an engineer and this approach is perfect for me.

I have done the 20-unit course and now level two of the pattern system so all I know is what you have taught me.

The written homework was like coloring-for-adults and at the same time learning the fretboard and chords and intervals and much more, I loved doing it.


5-string Bassist

This was the second time I took the Pattern System Level 1 course and it was incredibly worthwhile.

I picked up on a number of aspects of the pattern system that I overlooked the first time through.

It has really helped to cement the pattern system in my brain and has improved my knowledge of the fretboard (including the 5-string).

I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants a thorough knowledge of the electric bass.



Over the past six years, I’ve tried many different teachers with their different teaching methods, and time after time, I return to Ari’s courses. I have come to realize that this is the only place I need to be to learn everything I need to continue growing in this journey.

She has the most impressive process of instruction. She obviously loves to teach. All her courses are interconnected.

No matter which piece of the puzzle you focus on, whether it be theory, rhythm, patterns of the fretboard, technique, etc., she includes insights into all the other aspects of what she has to offer. It’s a beautiful thing.

Mike O


Well that was really fun! These patterns really work for my brain! Lol!
I wanted to thank you for all you have done for so many of us!

I always wanted to do music, but it seemed like life was always getting in the way! Now that I’m officially retired (for now anyhow) I finally have the time to focus on what I love to do!

I first stumbled onto Ariane Cap on U Tube about 4+ years ago. Found some of your videos on Truefire ( I think).

Then you kept popping up on Scott’s Bass lessons! I guess I bought your theory book and then got in on the very first Cohort. It was stop and start for a bit , but eventually things began to click!

When I look back I can’t believe how far I’ve come on this journey! I wouldn’t have been able to succeed like this without your guidance! So thanks again Ari. Looking forward to the next adventure!

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⭐️ Resources
Your first diagrams, open area easy keys, applications in a musical context
Open Area Diagrams - A Few Starter Keys
Open Area Diagrams - Scale Degrees - Practice Resource
Improv in C - Practice Track
Shufflefunk - Improv in F - Practice Track
The First Three of the Mighty Five Shapes
Funky Practice Track - Ab Notefinder
Pop Practice Track - Db Notefinder
Groove and Fill Practice Track in G
Scalar Studies and Improv, The Crabby Patterns and whole steps
Improv Time! Smooth Practice Track in C major
Improv Time! Slow Bluesy Practice Track in G major
Improv Time! Pop Practice Track in D major
Improv Time! Cool Practice Track in A major
Pattern Jam! - Practice Track in G major
Five Shapes that Rule All! 3-note groupings! Understanding the cycle of fifths 🎧
Groove and Fill Up the Neck - Practice Track
Improv, Scalar Studies, Cheater Beats
Improv all 5 Shapes up the Neck - Practice Track!
Improv Thru the Cycle in Area 1 - Practice Track! (4 bars)
Improv Thru the Cycle in Area 1 - Practice track! (2 bars)
Pedal Improv, Area Drills and Scalar Groupings
Improv Thru the Cycle in Area 1 - Practice Track (4 bars)
Improv Thru the Cycle in Area 1 - Practice Track (2 bars)
Cycle Drills, Scalar Studies, Improv
Improv in G - Slow Bluesy Practice Track
Improv in Bb - Slow Bluesy Practice Track
Improv thru the Cycle - 4 bar Practice Track
Improv thru the Cycle - 2 bar Practice Track
Help for Connection Exercises,Scalar Studies in Thirds
Bouncy Pop Practice Track - I-V-VImin-IV in G major
Fun mode drill, new pattern drills, connection exercises with "start and stop"
Groovy D Mixolydian Practice Track - Practice all 5 shapes
Groove and Fill Practice Track in G Major - Practice PI/A1 or PII/A2
Groove and Fill Practice Track in C Major - Practice PV/A1 or PVI/A2
Groove and Fill Practice Track in Bb Major - Practice PVI/A1 or PI/A2
Groove and Fill Practice Track in D Major - Practice PIII/A1 or PV/A2
FINALS! Connection exercises, scalar studies and improv, cycle to the right
Improv thru the Cycle - 4 bar Practice Track
Improv thru the Cycle - 2 bar Practice Track