How deep is your pocket?

Grooving hard comes down to three core abilities...

You can play the coolest notes, but they will only hit right if they groove right!

  • Do you sometimes feel lost, you drop a beat here or there?
  • Feel that something just doesn't sound right or feel right?
  • You have cool fills and lines under your fingers but the people around you ask you to "play less"?

It is time to learn these core abilities with Ari's Rhythm Matrix.

➡️ This is a ten-week masterclass, recorded with a live audience on zoom. 

Level 1

🎵 The Core Abilities you need to make your lines shine:

So that others understand what you are playing you must understand it yourself.

It is easy to know if you play the right note or not - you can likely hear a clam when you play one. But if it doesn't feel right it's much more elusive!

To make matters worse, often it is simply assumed that rhythm is just a natural ability that one "simply possesses".

And teachers can be the worst when it comes to that because for many great players rhythmic ability is completely unconscious so many are helpless or clueless when it comes to helping you.
I know, because I have sat across from students in tears telling me about that teacher in band class who told them to just pretend because they were so off.
And don't get me started on fellow musicians with well-meaning but hurtful advice...

Ari has developed a method to help you with this!

Master the  three core abilities you need to make it groove:

1 - Feel the Rhythm in Your Body

Likely, to get the rhythm right you have to focus hard and be in your head. Maybe you have to count or tap your foot just a certain way. But that means you can never cut loose, enjoy, improvise. The remedy for this lies in your body. If you feel the rhythm in your body you can stop counting. Ari has a simple but effective way to help you get the rhythm into your body. Reliably!

2 - Understanding the Subdivision

Understand the difference between ternary subdivisions such as shuffles, swing or Jazz and binary ones. Feel the difference and crack the code of each song.

3 - Ari's Matrix

16 shapes to rule all binary rhythms. That's it! Yes, it involves a touch of reading, but it's just 16 figures, so... and if you ever had a hard time reading rhythms, Aris Matrix will make it easy going forward! 

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What you'll learn

  • Improvise freely

    Once you begin to feel the rhythm in your body, your creativity can finally shine!

  • Ari's Matrix

    Learn the 16 shapes of the binary world and learn how to hear them, use them, and read them! Finally, you will understand what you play!

  • Read charts

    Even if you are new to reading, or thought you don't need it, in this class you will decode the toughest part of reading: reading rhythms! Ari's 16 shapes make it easy!

  • Rhythms in tunes

    Putting the 16 shapes into the context of some of the most iconic tunes helps bring them to life. It will also help you play these tunes!

  • Identifying rhythms

    No more fear of the funk! Soon these 16 elements will start jumping out at you when you hear them in songs!

Verified Graduates

What out students say...

Chris N.


First of all I wanted to tell you how much I've learned in our class and it has really help me understand the rhythms. Your teaching methods are amazing.

I now find myself trying to identify the rhythm patterns on tunes as I drive to work and transcribing some of the bass lines that constantly bounce around my head.

Tracie W.

Professional Bassoonist and Bassist

I just finished Ari’s Rhythm Course and I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it was. She has come up with such a great way to get the rhythms into your body. I have struggled with syncopation and off beat sixteenth notes for years as a classically trained bassoonist and although I still have a long way to go to get every single subdivision lined up exactly right, I am finally on the right path.

Ari teaches us to feel the subdivisions in our bodies using words.
It’s so simple but so deep at the same time.

I loved the songs she used to teach us examples from the rhythm matrix and the idea that you can isolate the rhythms from those songs and use them when you are practicing other material.

Thanks so much Ariane Cap for your brilliant, creative teaching!!!

SLM, personal email

5 string bassist

I started using the Rhythm Matrix approach to Sight Reading and Transcribing Rhythms from Audio. The counting "1 + 2 +, 1 e a +" drove me crazy when reading and transcribing rhythms.

The Rhythm Matrix makes my job so easy when reading, and figure the rhythm when listening in the car.

Laura B.


Over the past six years, I’ve tried many different teachers with their different teaching methods, and time after time, I return to Ari’s courses.

I have come to realize that this is the only place I need to be to learn everything I need to continue growing in this journey. She has the most impressive process of instruction. She obviously loves to teach. All her courses are interconnected. No matter which piece of the puzzle you focus on, whether it be theory, rhythm, patterns of the fretboard, technique, etc., she manages to include insights into all the other aspects of what she has to offer. It’s a beautiful thing.



I signed up for the next session less than 24 hours after the info was posted so that should tell you something.

I’ve taken in-person lessons from four local “teachers" here in the Columbus area and have learned bits and pieces from each of them. What I didn’t learn was how to tie those bits and pieces up into a usable bundle. I’ve learned more about that part of it in the last ten weeks than in the three or four years of combined instruction locally.

I plan on continuing with this course until I feel comfortable enough to walk into any situation, plug in, and hold my own and would recommend anybody spending some time in a class of their interest with Ari.


Make it Groove!

It changes everything!

Each week is jam-packed with strategies, tunes, analyses, assignments and drills.

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