Learn to create your own walking bass lines on the fly!

Whether you are a newbie jazz player, or have some tunes under your belt, join Ari and an awesome group of students to get a powerful foundation in Jazz bass playing! 

➡️ This is a ten-week masterclass, recorded with a live audience on zoom. 

This is the fast track to walking bass!

Level 1

🎵 Dive into the wonderful improvisational world of Jazz!

Create interesting, swinging walking basslines on the fly using Ari's surefire formulas!

✨ Ari has a method of teaching Jazz and this is Level 1. 

✨ Even if you have experience, we recommend starting with Level 1 because it is considered Level 1 of the method

✨ A wide variety of skill levels - from low intermediate to advanced - will benefit highly from this approach using whatever skills they have within the drills presented!

✨  And as always, with Ari you don't just learn the song, you learn from the song! 

This is the setlist:  

  • C Jam Blues
  • Comin Home Baby
  • It Don’t Mean a Thing…
  • Lester Leaps in
  • Satin Doll
  • All of me
  • How High the Moon
  • Freddie the Freeloader

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What you'll learn

  • Improvise walking bass lines

    Jazz is all about improvising on the spot. Ari's surefire tools make it accessible: create beautiful walking bass lines on the fly

  • How to make it swing

    Learn how to make your basslines swing every time. How to react to a drummer and how to create variety and direct the energy! Cool variations like skips and burps!

  • Read charts

    Even if you are new to reading, in this class you will learn to read chord charts and make your own walking bass arrangements using pen and paper (or a great free program).

  • Great jam tunes

    Learn to listen and play! Get ready to jam with others! Learn how to comp musically; tune analysis, listening, and more!

  • Practicing Techniques

    Tune memorization through analysis, writing out bass lines, recognizing common chord progressions. Jazz brings a variety of skills together.

Verified Graduates

What out students say...


Jazz Bassist

I walked my first bass in 1974 and many hours since then, and learnt more in 10 weeks than all those years put together. This course helped me understand why I did what I did well, and gave me a whole new repertoire to make my walking lines more interesting and varied. Highly recommended!


Jazz lover

I just want to say… my technical skills need a lot of work, but I’ve tried over the past few years several times to figure out walking bass and just failed completely. Didn’t understand it at all… at all. And I have to say, I am astonished, ya know, ... at what I am able to perform, I… I… I get it! I feel like I get it now.

And it’s thanks to you (Ari). I don’t think I could ever get it any other way. So I thank you and the Group for everything you guys have done, because this past, this course, ya know the last couple of months I feel like I actually understand how to do it now. And it is… it’s amazing. So thank you very much.


5 string bassist

The Jazzy Jazz Tunes: Level 3 course was fantastic!

It was an excellent blend of theory and practice.

I can now write good sounding walking bass lines (in notation!). I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge of jazz chord progressions and how to transition smoothly between chords.

Ari provided a wealth of information on the practical aspects of playing jazz bass with many useful tips on how to function as a bassist in a jazz ensemble - invaluable advice for gigging.

Before taking Ari’s jazz bass courses I really had no appreciation for jazz music. Now I am weaving what have have learned from this wonderful musical genre into my other musical interests such as blues and rock.



So I just finished Ari's Jazz Class. I was new to the Jazz world and completely clueless to the tunes or the walking bass style. I only knew I wanted to learn how to "walk that bass'.

Much to my surprise, I actually learned how to put together simple - but respectable walking bass lines. A great foundation.

Loved the class and the music and will continue to work on my walking bass going forward - Thanks, Ari!


personal email

Thanks Ari, it’s a great privilege to be part of your bass community. Thanks so much for this.

Let me share with you a little story. The other day my brother-in-law and I decided to jam together. First time ever; they live 500 km away and normally we spend just a day or two at their place. This time and thanks to Corona, we stayed for a week, so we had a lot of time.

He is a professional musician, guitarist, R&B forever. He knew I was playing bass but for some reason we never played together. Those guys are also on a different level … .

However, I decided to use the pattern system. After a while, he stopped playing, looked at me and said – quote ‘How long have you been playing for? I’m speechless. It took me ten years to learn the fretboard like this.’ Ha – seems to work. Thanks to you. 😊 Was super fun.



I signed up for the next session less than 24 hours after the info was posted so that should tell you something. I’ve taken in-person lessons from four local “teachers" here in the Columbus area and have learned bits and pieces from each of them. What I didn’t learn was how to tie those bits and pieces up into a usable bundle. I’ve learned more about that part of it in the last ten weeks than in the three or four years of combined instruction locally. I plan on continuing with this course until I feel comfortable enough to walk into any situation, plug in, and hold my own and would recommend anybody spending some time in a class of their interest with Ari.


Hit the Jazz Road:
Picking Up Music Skills Without Even Trying!

Each week is jam-packed with strategies, tunes, analyses, assignments and drills.

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