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We run only ONE cohort a year. Starts 1-19-2020. Hassle-free money back guarantee up to 20 days*! LIFE TIME ACCESS TO COURSE MATERIALS!

Choose from one of these four options offering various levels of additional support!

20 Unit Course
(No Cohort)

10 Easy Payments of $39.97
or one-time payment of $379.00

Steady Track Version of our 20 unit course: 

New material every other week

Units contain these topics:

  • Technique (Finger Kung Fu)
  • Bass Line Lab - grooves!!
  • Theory Practice
  • Combo Class
  • Styles Lab 
  • Hip Bit

  • 127 PDFs
  • 132 jam tracks
  • 176 bite-sized videos
  • Before/after Skills Assessment
  • Motivational Videos 
  • Goal Setting
  • Ask Ari Live feat. Wolf & guests


10 Easy Payments of $59.95
or one-time payment of $539.95

Everything in Steady Track


  1. Weekly tasks
    (well defined and doable)
  2. "Commit" & "Submit" 
  3. Record short videos of yourself and post according to a feasible schedule
  4. Mentors and moderators check in with you regularly
  5. Share the journey with your peers
  6. Access to our Cohort Facebook Group
  7. Cohort Round-up webinar!

Monthly 15-minute live Group Check-ins with Ari

Estimated Time commitment:
45 minutes 5 - 6 times a week


10 Easy Payments of $95.95
or one-time payment of $875.95

Everything in "Accountability"


Personal written or video feedback from Ari or Wolf on every other unit's video you submit.


10 Easy Payments $175.95
or one-time payment of $1479.95

Everything in "Feedback"


Five 55-minute one-on-one lessons with Ari 

*Because we have only very limited space for
"Feedback" and "One-on-One" there is no money-back guarantee for these higher tiers.
Book "Music Theory for the Bass Player" required and not included.

Special perk if you already own the course:

We credit you 75% of your original tuition if you send us:
1 - proof of purchase of your original course paid in full.
2 - the cohort tier you'd like to choose.
3 - whether you will choose Installments or up-front payments.

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