Live Practice Groups w/Ari
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Some are by invite only!
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• Matched by levels
• Learning with peers is motivating and inspiring
• 10 week groups meeting weekly on zoom
• PDFs and jamtracks as well as video recording provided after each session so you know exactly what to practice til next week.

Music Theory for the Bass Player • Fast Track

Like Steady Track, just faster paced,
a new unit each week!
Lifetime Access.
Go at your own pace!

Music Theory for the Bass Player - The Online Course

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A Great Place to Start

A brand new compact course
2 hours 40 minutes, 47 videos

All new material - learn theory with playful improv and create your own bass lines. Beginner friendly and a great place to start!

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What are they saying?

Never seen anything so productive!

JD Moore

"The course is absolutely amazing! Right now I’m playing in a Jazz Trio, two worship groups, and a new band that is really taking off, as in a recording session in the Spring, followed, by a mini tour. I need to be up to it by Spring! I’m absolutely convinced that these lessons will get me there! Never seen anything so productive, and I’ve probably used almost all of them."

You make things simple!

Paul Brooke

"Isn’t it funny how some teachers—–like you——–can make things simple——while others can make the same things complicated? There’s an old saying that a good teacher can show you the right way in 5 minutes or an hour, that would take years on your own."

I loved the Jam track! Could not stop!


"Unit 13 reggae, man I loved the jam track could not stop, triads inversions double, triple tempo breaks… everything flowed low on the neck high on the neck I was all over the place. Even tried walking bass on top of it!"

Amazed, shocked and stunned at the amount I have learned

Carmie Hull;

"With much satisfaction and personal gratification, I’m happy to say that a few  weeks ago I completed my first pass through all of the material included in Music Theory for the Bass Player, The Course! and am amazed, shocked, stunned at the amount that I learned. The course in combination with your book Music Theory for the Bass Player is an excellent value. They offer an enormous amount of information for the dedicated student."

Developed as a bassist more in the past five weeks in your course than the past couple years with other stuff.

Matt, personal email

"My highest compliments to you. Been playing about six years trying to learn by multiple methods. Developed as a bassist more in the past five weeks in your course than the past couple years with other stuff."

I look forward to practicing!

Jesse Perez

"I feel like I’m progressing with my understanding of music and how it relates to the Bass guitar. I look forward to practicing and am developing a more purposeful approach to practice.  It seems like I am having breakthroughs every time I sit down with the instrument."

SOmehow you are able to take away the fear...

Hans DeWitt

“You’re the first Bassplayer/teacher/person I have come across that’s able to go “beyond” the technical, or to make “us” (certainly me) see that it’s not very complicated or very technical. Well maybe it is complicated and technical but somehow you are able to take away “the fear” and let people (again: certainly me) dive in, take the plunge. And on top of that you have the talent to make it fun!”

One of the best educational investments I have ever made!

Michael, personal email

“Just wanted to let everyone considering taking your 20-week bass course that it is one of the best educational investments I have ever made. The weekly classes are loads of fun with plenty of variety and obtainable challenges. Being able to re-watch videos helps me keep myself in check. I can see and hear my technique and confidence growing.”

Glad I signed up!

David Ammerman

"This course is great! I’ll keep at it… I’m laughing to myself at how hard it is to keep up with you, I get a lot of value, going back over the bass Lab stuff…  Livin The Dream, glad I signed up."

Thank you for making me a better bassist!

Fagner Serrano

"Thank you very much for making me a better bassist! 🙂 I’m entering week 19 – Maj and Min Pentatonic – and I am very excited about it as I have been over the entire course so far. And yes, you can definitely use my sentence as well as my name. Anything that encourages people to take this amazing course. Go for it! 🙂"

Practical Ear Training for Bass Players!

Ear Confidence - Six Paths to Fearless Ears

Ear Training to get you results and confidence. Access the music inside your head. From starter to harder.